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All that we offer comes from the heart, in honour of the beautiful rose...

The Story of Rose


The mystical rose holds potent energy. She is considered the queen of all flowers because of her many healing qualities. For thousands of years we have held her close to our hearts to receive her blessings of love, passion, romance and joy.

How she heals

The rose can be enjoyed in many ways. Her physical beauty and wonderful colour variations create a feast for the eyes, while her delicate fragrance is said to uplift the soul, and bring a joyful innocence to all those in her presence. She can be consumed as a medicinal herb, made into teas, infusions, jams, syrups, sauces, vinegars, salads, and used as pretty decorations for desserts and other culinary delights.

To sink into a delicious warm bath sprinkled with rose petals and oil makes bathing a sacred ritual to be savoured.


Her mystical qualities

The rose is often used as a scent in religious ceremonies and places of worship, temples, mosques and meditation centres. 

In aromatherapy she is often paired with patchouli, lavender & frankincense. She is like a gentle 'yes' to calm you into gracious ease, and to keep you cool when the weather is hot, and emotions are high.

Why Organic?


We take our health and wellbeing very seriously, and of course that extends to all of our creations, making it the foundation of what we lovingly offer to you as well. In Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) it is said that food is our medicine which nourishes the Body, Mind and Spirit, so being conscious of what we ingest on all levels is what creates the foundation for not only our health, but also how we show up in the world.  That is why all our ingredients are 100% natural and organic, and sourced where possible from local and Australian farmers & growers. Some of our decorative creations are also gathered from the rainforest floor of the little sanctuary we call home in the Noosa Hinterland of Australia. Everything we create is with the intention of blessing and honouring the beauty of nature.

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Rose Buds
Dark pink petal
Dark pink petal
The miracle of Rose
Herbal Medicinal Properties
(The information below is a guide only, and may assist with the following. We provide no guarantees regarding the therapeutic use of our products. Please consult your healthcare professional before consuming any herbal products)
  • Pain relieving (especially for rheumatoid arthritis)

  • High in vitamin C & rich in antioxidants

  • Anti-inflammatory Immune-boosting

  • May help treat symptoms of fatigue

  • May alleviate gaostrointestinal disorders Diuretic and reduces swelling

  • Cooling to the nervous system

  • Soothing to the digestive tract and may help treat diarrhea

  • Useful in treatment of flu-like infections

  • Useful in treatment of urinary tract disorders

  • Anti-aging due to being rich in vitamins and phytochemicals

  • May help reduce wrinkles and promote a glowing complexion

  • Rose-hips (the little seed pod below the flower) also contain high levels of phytochemicals which help protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease

  • Rose oil is recommended to treat chronic dryness for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin

  • Rose hydrosol  (the pure distillate from the process of making essential oil) is very hydrating due to it's high fat content and is known to reduce redness caused by bacterial infections

  • Relieves pain from burns, cuts and wounds

  • Traditionally used to treat rashes and eczema

  • According to Ayurveda (sister science to Yoga) rose is a tridoshic flower, which helps balance all three doshas

  • Cools Pitta and balances Vata & Kapha, and enhances Agni (digestive fire)

  • Balances the emotions easing anxiety, grief and nervous tension

  • Rose oil helps promote a deep restful sleep

  • Soothing to the heart and spiritually uplifting

" Come out here where

the roses have opened.

Let the soul and

world meet. "


- Rumi

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Red Rose bud and white flowers
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Dark pink petal
Dark pink petal
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