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This beautiful hand crafted 108 beaded meditation mala combines the sacred Rudraksha (Shiva's tears) seed gathered from the rainforest floor in Kin Kin, with natural rosewood & black larva stone beads, hand-knotted onto a deep red silken thread. 


Mala beads have been traditionally worn and used by yogis and spiritual seekers for centuries to focus the mind and deepen meditation practice. Traditionally in japa meditation, a mantra or prayer is chanted 108 times, passing each bead through the fingers until reaching the guru bead (Rudraksha seed in this case).


As this is a handmade piece, slight variations may occur.


* Hangs approx. 55cms *


Wearing of your mala helps to create a cocoon of protective energy around you, and may help to maintain physical & mental balance, aswell as support spiritual growth. Traditionally the five faces of the seed (Panchamukhi) cultivates inner freedom, purity, good health, clarity and alertness. It has a very calming and soothing vibration as you will experience.


You may also hold the seed above food or water, and if it has a positive pranic vibration, it will move in a clockwise direction.


" I gratefully receive love, protection & inspiration from nature."



Mystic Meditation Mala (108 beads)

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