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This beautiful hand crafted meditation mala combines the sacred Rudraksha (Shiva's tears) seed gathered from the rainforest floor in Kin Kin, with natural frosted blue/green agate, sellenite, rose quartz crystals and cedarwood beads, woven onto a cream silken thread (silver tassle). As this is a handmade piece, slight variations may occur.


* Hangs approx. 50cms *


Mala beads have been traditionally worn by yogis and spiritual seekers for centuries to focus the mind and deepen meditation practice. But they are also a beautiful reminder to stay true to your own intentions and prayers.


Wearing of your mala helps to create a cocoon of protective energy around you, and may help to maintain physical & mental balance, aswell as support spiritual growth. Traditionally the five faces of the seed (Panchamukhi) cultivates inner freedom, purity, good health, clarity and alertness. It has a very calming and soothing vibration as you will experience.


You may also hold the seed above food or water, and if it has a positive pranic vibration, it will move in a clockwise direction.


" I gratefully receive love, protection & inspiration from nature."



Mystic Meditation Mala (Silver/Cream)

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